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Lasting Weight Loss

Howo to "Seniorize" Your Home: Making Your Home Safe for the Elderly

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Many adults today are having their elderly parents move back in with them rather than send them to a nursing home or assisted living facility. Older children are usually still working full time, thereby leaving their elderly relatives at home alone. Since senior adults have a tendency to fall and potentially injure themselves, it is important that the home remain a safe place where they can move freely without worrying about slips and falls. 

Follow these helpful tips to make sure your home is safe for those you love:

  • Secure any loose area rugs to the floor with non slip grips to prevent falls.
  • Be sure all hand railings are installed properly at any stairways inside and outside your home.
  • Make sure all smoke alarms are working, and install carbon monoxide detectors as well.
  • Put in grab bars in the bathroom shower or bathtub.
  • Post your work phone number, cell phone number, and physician's phone number somewhere clearly in the event of an emergency.
  • Check to ensure your loved one's walker or cane has proper rubber grips on the bottom to prevent slips and falls.
  • Keep medications, food, and anything else needed in easy reach to prevent stretching or bending.
  • Ensure all cords are close to the wall and away from the floor, where people can trip over them.
  • Stow a flashlight next to the bed to make seeing at night easier.
  • Make pre-made meals so they can eat something without having to cook when no one is home.

Safety Sense

When it comes to housing your elderly family members, use your safety common sense. Be sure to have all needed paperwork handy in case you have to take them to the doctor or hospital. Do regular checkups of your home to make sure there are no trip hazards. Follow fire safety precautions like ensuring there is a clear fire exit, and all smoke alarms work. Keep items your loved ones use regularly within arms reach. 

You can also enhance the life of your senior family member by making sure they have access to the things they enjoy like going to the park, getting their hair done, or spending time with friends. Take them for short walks when the weather is cooperating, or bring them along with the family when you go out to dinner. Keeping your elderly loved ones safe is important, but their quality of life is also essential to their well being and longevity. For more tips, contact senior home care facilities such as ComForcare Home Care - Kalamazoo, MI.