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Lasting Weight Loss

Planning Your Funeral: Tips For The Environmentalist

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Planning for your own funeral can sometimes seem like a morbid task. After all, many people do not like to think about the world when they are no longer in it. However, in order to save your family and friends from the difficult task of planning your funeral for you with no guidelines to go from, and to ensure that your wishes and values are upheld, you need to plan ahead. This is particularly true for the avid environmentalist. Your eco-friendly values should be upheld in death as you upheld them in life. In order to ensure this happens, you need to know and understand the green funeral and burial options available to you. Then all you need to do is make your wishes known, put your plan in place, and never have to think of it again. 

Burial or Cremation?

The first aspect of your after-death care that you will need to consider is whether you wish to be buried or cremated (or maybe both). While you may not assume that cremation is the most environmentally friendly option available, at this point in time, it actually is.

This is due in large part to the embalming process that goes along with burial practices in the United States. Embalming fluids are used to slow the natural processes that occur in the human body after the person is deceased. These chemicals are dangerous and toxic.

Additionally, laws regarding burial in the United States are not particularly environmentally friendly either.  Metal caskets and concrete vaults (to prevent grave sites from sinking) slow the natural processes allowing formerly living beings to reincorporate into the earth. Not to mention, they take up a great deal of space.

Cremation services, like at Romero Family Funeral Home Corp., can be a more eco-friendly option. While the burning process does release some pollution into the atmosphere, it can be quite minimal. Many crematoriums offer green cremation services that do not use flame at all. This means that toxins are not released into the environment, but the cremation ash is still produced. 

With cremation, you can also select to be buried. You can choose to have your ashes buried in a traditional cemetery, and can even have them placed in a biodegradable urn. If you do not wish to be buried, you can elect to have your ashes incorporated into an environmentally friendly structure such as a reef ball. These are structures made to help regrow coral reefs that have been destroyed due to pollution.  These reef balls are the base structures from which coral is allowed to grow, and helps to recreate the marine environment. 

How Can You Green Your Funeral Service?

Now that you have decided the fate of your remains, your thoughts can drift to your actual funeral service. There are several opportunities to go green in this area as well. First, you can opt to have your funeral programs printed on recycled paper using all-natural soy ink, making them completely recyclable and biodegradable.

Flowers are a normal part of any funeral service. Unfortunately, they are also the opposite of environmentally friendly. And people like to send a lot of flowers when a loved one passes away. You can actually request that people not send flowers in the event of your passing. You can specify, for example, that instead of flowers you would like mourners to send a donation to a specific environmental charity. 

As you can see, you can have your environmentally conscious values a part of your death as you did in your life. All you need to do is choose your burial (or cremation) preferences and plan your funeral according to your specific wishes. Once you have a plan in place, you can go about your life secure in the fact that your environmentalist values will be upheld even after you are gone.