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Lasting Weight Loss

3 Ways You Can Vet A Nurse For In -Home Nursing Care

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When you want to hire a nurse for in-home nursing care, you want to be certain that the nurse will take care of your family member to the best of his or her ability and that abuse will not occur. To do that, you need to "vet" the nurse, i.e., do everything possible to verify that your choice is exactly the right person to care for your loved one. There are three ways you can vet a nurse for the job you have available.

Check Nursing Registries and Licensing

If you hire a CNA, or certified nurse's aide, you need to check with your state's aide certification registry. This tells you not only that your aide has current certification, but also if he or she has recently been accused of abuse or neglect. His or her certification will report revocation if the state has confirmed abuse. A clean record indicates that the aide is an acceptable choice, and may be the one for you.

If you hire an LPN (licensed practical nurse) or RN (registered nurse) you would check with your state's nursing licensure board. Both of these types of nurses must have a license to practice nursing care. If your candidate does not have a current license, be sure to ask him or her why. Do not hire anyone that does not have current certification or licensing.

Do a Background and a Criminal Check

Regardless of what type of nurse you want to hire, be sure do a background check and a criminal check. You can access both of these through online county records using just the candidate's full name. If there are any criminal complaints, charges pending, or lawsuits past and present, they will appear on screen for you to read. The only time you will not have access to a record is when the record is sealed by the court to protect a victim in a case or the mental health of a person in treatment.

Check Several References

Do not assume that just because your candidate has had several long-term jobs in nursing that he or she is fully qualified for the job. Check all job and personal references to vet your choice. Not doing so puts your family member in harm's way, risking his or her welfare because you failed to talk to previous employers and acquaintances.

Once Your Nursing Choice Is Vetted

Go ahead and offer the job, assuming the interview also went well and you like the candidate. Clue them in on the job duties and what will be expected. Be very clear on what the grounds of termination are, even if it means typing up a document that you have him or her sign. If you hire more than one nurse or aide, make sure all of them sign their own copy of that document so you can protect yourself in the event that you fire someone for non-compliance.

Professional Nurses Registry is one local location you can contact if you're looking for in-home nursing care.