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For Continuity, Find a Pediatrician Who Practices at Your Delivery Hospital

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Many medical professionals are involved throughout a child's birth, and they each have a specific responsibility. Among children's physicians, there are two distinct roles. Obstetricians are primarily responsible for the delivery of the baby and the care of the mother. Although an obstetrician will likely inquire about the baby in the days following the birth, the care of a newborn falls to a pediatrician, both in the hospital and after being discharged. If you're about to have a child and are looking for a pediatrician, selecting one who has privileges at the hospital where you'll be delivering can ensure continuity in your newborn's care.

Doctors Have Privileges

Physicians are rarely directly employed by hospitals, as Lawyers.com explains. Instead, doctors are independent contractors who receive privileges to practice at a hospital. Physicians often only have privileges at a few hospitals, or perhaps even just one. If a doctor doesn't have privileges at a hospital, then they aren't able to visit or treat patients at that facility.

Your Baby Will Need a Pediatrician

After delivery, your baby will need a pediatrician. The pediatrician will likely stop by a few times to make sure your newborn is healthy and developing properly. This is also the doctor to whom you can direct baby-related questions.

When you're admitted to the hospital, you'll be asked to name a pediatrician for your soon-to-be-born baby. If you have already chosen a pediatrician and they have privileges at the hospital where you're delivering, then they'll be notified that you've been admitted and come to see your baby after the delivery.

If you don't have a pediatrician, or if your pediatrician doesn't have privileges at the facility, then the hospital will assign you a different pediatrician. The hospital-assigned pediatrician will look after your newborn until you're discharged. After your baby leaves the hospital, the staff will be able to transfer to your preferred pediatrician's practice.

Finding Continuity in Care

Regardless of whether you name a pediatrician who has privileges at the hospital, your newborn will receive the medical attention they need. By choosing a pediatrician who practices at the hospital before the birth, though, your baby's care will have more continuity.  For instance consider the following points:

  • You won't have to transfer medical records to a new practice.
  • You'll have met the pediatrician several times in the hospital by the time you go to their office for a visit.
  • You won't have to recap a previous doctor's comments to your pediatrician after leaving the hospital.

If you're pregnant, begin thinking about where you'd like to deliver and what pediatrician you want to go to after the birth. In order to ensure your baby's care flows smoothly, look for a pediatrician who has privileges t the hospital where you plan on delivering.

To find a pediatrician near you, consider searching the phrase "childrens clinic silverdale wa" in your Internet browser.