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Lasting Weight Loss

Vaginal Odor and How Your Gynecologist Treats It

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If there is one thing that all women get embarrassed about, it is how their most intimate parts smell. This area of the body is locked up in underwear and pants all day long, collecting sweat, dead skin cells and body odor, just like any other enclosed and covered area of the body. Despite a woman's best efforts to keep her labia and vagina smelling clean, it may still have odors that would embarrass a skunk. If your lady parts are not smelling as sweet as you think they should, you should see your gynecologist. He or she can diagnose any out-of-the-ordinary odors and provide you with the following treatments.

Smells Like Fish

As any doctor of gynecology will tell you, a woman's vagina secretes a little of everything she eats. Ergo, if she has fish the night before and smells like fish the next day, that is normal. What is not normal is smelling like fish several days in a row when you do not eat any fish at all. Although most women would normally avoid sexual contact for fear of embarrassment, it goes without saying that the presence of this bacterial infection means you need to abstain from sex until it has cleared up.

Smells Like Onions or Sour Milk

If your lady parts smell strongly of onions all the time or have a tendency to be rank with the odor of sour milk, it is very likely a problem with how much you sweat down there. You can have a gynecologist check it out, but the usual treatment is to wash daily with an approved feminine hygiene wash, dry thoroughly and wear one-hundred-percent cotton underwear to let your entire groin region breathe. If it persists, your gynecologist will probably diagnose it as overactive sweat glands and then schedule you for surgery to stop the sweat glands from producing.

Smells Like Raw Meat

This particular odor usually follows a woman's period, when traces of menstrual blood are still hovering around inside her vagina. If you notice this smell during or after your period, there is nothing to worry about. If you notice the same odor at any other time of the month and you are experiencing cramping and spotting, get to your gynecologist right away. You may have anything from a mild infection to pregnancy to cancer, and only your gynecologist will be able to see what it is, diagnose it, and treat it properly.