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Lasting Weight Loss

2 Reasons Obesity Can Lead To Eye Problems

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Your eyes require a balance of good nutrition and proper blood flow in order for them to work right, and without these things your eyes may begin to develop problems. Over 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. are considered obese today, and those that are obese may have a higher chance of developing eye conditions. Here are the two main reasons this happens in people that are severely overweight.

Poor blood flow

One of the risks obese individuals have is developing high blood pressure. High blood pressure is not only hard on the heart and body, but it can have a lot of negative symptoms. In some cases, high blood pressure leads to problems with circulation of the blood in the body.

When blood does not flow properly, it can lead to excess pressure on the blood vessels in the eyes. This excess pressure can cause the blood vessels to become damaged over time, which can lead to a variety of eye problems.

If the blood vessels break, they can leak blood into the eyes. This can lead to blurred vision and damage to the optic nerves in the eyes. This damage can occur from high blood pressure, but it can also occur simply from carrying too much weight around.

Obese individuals can protect their eyes by trying to lose weight, monitoring their blood pressure, and staying as active as possible. Good nutrition may also play a role in eye health too.

Lack of nutrition

Obesity occurs in several ways, but it is often the result of overeating too many unhealthy foods. The food a person eats plays a huge role in the person's health, but it also affects the person's eye health. The eyes are like every other organ and part of the body; they require the right vitamins and minerals.

People who are obese may be eating a lot, but they may not be consuming foods that contain the essential vitamins the eyes need. This is the second reason obese individuals have a higher chance of developing eye problems.

To reduce the risks of developing eye problems, people who are obese can try to consume more Vitamin A, Omega 3 fatty acids, and Vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential, because it protects the body against free radicals, which are damaging agents to the body.

If you are overweight and are concerned about the health of your eyes, make an appointment with an optometrist today for an eye exam. He or she may be able to give you more tips to help you protect your eyes. 

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