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Lasting Weight Loss

Be Wise: What To Do After A Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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If you have problems with your wisdom teeth and the dentist has suggested having them extracted, then you are more than likely going to be nervous about the recovery period. Read this article to have a clear understanding of what to expect afterwards and what you can do to care for your mouth afterwards.  

Take your medication

When you leave the office after having your wisdom teeth extracted, you should still feel quite comfortable from the anesthesia. In fact, it should be a few hours before it wears off. The dentist will send you home with pain medication you can take while you are going through the most painful part of the recovery. This medication should keep you comfortable, but you do want to make sure you take it as prescribed instead of waiting until you are feeling a lot of pain.

Don't bite yourself on accident

Until you get the full feeling back in your mouth, you won't be able to tell where your tongue, lips and cheeks are compared to your teeth. Therefore, you want to be extremely careful not to bite down on them until the numbness wears off.

Keep clean gauze in place

Gauze will be put in place to control the bleeding. Change the gauze each time it gets full of blood and continue doing so for as long as the dentist told you to keep it in place. Propping yourself up when you rest will help the bleeding stop faster than lying down flat. Also, you should avoid strenuous activities that first day since that can also prolong the bleeding.

Use ice packs

Along with keeping up on the pain medication, you can also use ice packs on your cheeks to help control the pain. The ice packs will also help to decrease the amount of swelling you experience.

Eat carefully

Wait until the anesthesia has completely worn off before you eat anything and then you should stick to very soft foods. Yogurt and pudding are two good choices. You don't want to drink anything out of a straw because sucking can cause the clot in the socket to come loose. This clot will form to protect the socket and it's important for the healing of the area.

Now that you know how to care for yourself after having your wisdom teeth extracted, you should feel less anxious about your up and coming extraction appointment. For more information, contact a dentist such as Peter J. Kaufman, DMD.