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Lasting Weight Loss

Keeping Skin From Drying Out During Winter Months

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During winter weather, some people find that their skin is not as soft and radiant as it is during warmer months. Dry skin can become a big problem during cooler temperatures. When skin becomes too dry, it causes redness and itchiness. If you are suffering from or wish to safeguard your skin from these symptoms, follow these steps during the winter to keep skin healthy.

Use Proper After Care

You may think that applying moisture directly to your skin will help moisten its condition to relieve dryness. This will however have the opposite effect. When the applied water dries, it will eliminate some of the natural oils from your skin in the process, leading to even drier skin. This is why it is important to dry your skin in its entirety before getting dressed and going about your day.

Whenever you bathe, dry your skin by patting it with a towel instead of vigorously rubbing it to remove moisture. Rubbing your skin will remove oils and may cause irritation. If possible, hold off on using a towel at all. Air drying the skin is the best way to ensure that oils remain intact. When your skin is completely dry, add a thin layer of a moisturizing agent. This will seal the oils against your skin and will protect it from harsh elements. Add an additional layer before you sleep at night for maximum moisturizing benefits.

Save The Oils From Disappearing

To help keep essential oils in place, you may need to change some of your bathing habits during winter months. Hot water will remove these oils quickly. Keep your bathing temperature on the lower spectrum when heating. Try taking shorter baths and showers so you are not over-exposed to heat and moisture which contributes to drier skin. Take a look at your soap or bath oil's ingredients and change to new a new brand if it is not specifically made for sensitive skin. A soap with glycerin included in the ingredient list will be helpful in keeping skin soft.

Avoid Areas With Dry Air

Heating inside homes and vehicles will contribute to the brittleness of the skin. Keeping your heating a few degrees cooler can help keep your skin from becoming overly dried out. Try not to keep your heat on constantly while driving. Consider using a humidifier in the home when temperatures are excessively chilly necessitating the increase of heating frequency.

Rub Away Dead Skin Cells

Doing an exfoliation process is beneficial in winter months. Apply an exfoliating product directly to a washcloth or loofah bar and gently rub it over your skin in a circular motion to remove dried portions. The skin underneath will retain a moisturizing agent more readily, aiding in keeping skin soft and supple. Doing this every week or two will renew older layers with fresher new ones.

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