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Lasting Weight Loss

How To Buy A Hearing Aid When Your Insurance Doesn't Cover It

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If you have trouble hearing, you might be thinking about investing in a hearing aid. However, this can be difficult to do if your insurance does not cover it. Unfortunately, many health insurance providers do not cover hearing aids, including Medicare. This does not mean that you have to go without a hearing device, however. Instead, try these tips.

Buy an Over-the-Counter Device

Just as you can purchase reading glasses without a prescription, you can purchase over-the-counter hearing devices. These can be easy to find at any drugstore and can be a lot more affordable than an actual hearing aid, but they can help. For example, you can purchase a small amplification product that looks much like a Bluetooth wireless earpiece. These hearing devices probably won't help if you suffer from moderate to severe hearing loss, but if your hearing loss is minor, it could help with things like holding conversations or watching television.

Buy Used

The idea of buying a used hearing aid can seem pretty gross, but you can actually purchase refurbished hearing aids directly from the manufacturer. These hearing aids have been cleaned thoroughly and reprogrammed, so it's much like buying a brand new hearing device at a much lower cost. Alternatively, if you know someone who has a hearing aid that they are no longer using, you can take it to your audiologist to have it thoroughly cleaned and reprogrammed.

Talk to Your Audiologist

Believe it or not, your audiologist has probably worked with a lot of people who were not able to afford their own hearing aids. This means that he or she might have some tricks up his or her sleeve to help you afford a hearing aid. Your hearing doctor might know about grants and programs in your area that help people who need hearing devices but can't afford them, or he or she can help you find the most affordable hearing aid that will work for your type of hearing loss. Either way, it's never a bad idea to talk to your audiologist about your needs -- you might be surprised by how much he or she can help you.

Just because your health insurance will not pay for another hearing aid does not mean that you should have to go without one. Among these three tricks, at least one should be able to help you find and purchase a hearing device that can help you hear better than you have in years. Click here for more info.