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Lasting Weight Loss

Helpful Information About Hearing Aids

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Having to ask people to repeat what they said due to your hearing not being good is a frustrating experience. However, hearing loss is something that can happen naturally during your senior years. The good thing is that you can deal with the problem by investing in a hearing aid. Take a look at the article below for answers to some of the questions you might have concerning hearing aids.

Can Hearing Loss Be Completely Repaired with a Hearing Aid?

Your ability to hear will not be repaired by wearing a hearing aid. The device will simply allow you to hear sound better when it is in your ear. Your hearing will remain the same as it currently is when the device is not worn. One of the reasons for hearing loss stems the inner ear hair cells getting damaged, but disease and damage to the eardrums from regularly listening to loud noise can cause it as well. It is also for damage to the inner ear to be too severe for a hearing aid to work successfully to improve your ability to hear sound. In such a case, there is the option of getting a cochlear implant via a surgical procedure. 

Does a Hearing Test Have to Be Performed?

There are several different types of tests that might be performed to diagnose you with having hearing loss. One of the tests is called speech audiometry, which is done to measure how well you are able to hear words as they are spoken. Another hearing test is called transtympanic electrocochleography, and it can measure the electric signals in your inner ear that are produced when you hear sound. The type of hearing aid that will work best for you will depend on how well your hearing test results are. You will have the option to test hearing aids out before choosing one that best helps your condition.

What Are the Hearing Aid Options?

One of the hearing aid options is the model that sits partial in the canal of your ear. Although an in-the-canal hearing aid will be visible, it won't be to the extent of causing you embarrassment. There are hearing aids that are completely hidden inside of the ear canal as well. A behind-the-ear hearing aid is another option, but it will be completely visible and there is still a small device that must go inside of your ear in order for you to hear. Visit a specialist (such as one from Hearing Specialists of DuPage) to learn more about your hearing aid options and to get a test performed.