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Lasting Weight Loss

How To Ensure Used Medical Equipment Is Safe

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If you've recently been injured or you have an elderly loved one who needs extra care, medical equipment can help with things like improved, safer mobility. But brand new medical equipment can be quite expensive even if your insurance company is helping to cover part of the cost. Buying used equipment is certainly a less expensive route, but it's essential that you purchase items that are safe to use in order to prevent possible injury. 

Consider The Source

You can find used medical equipment for sale everywhere from online auction websites to the classifieds in your local paper. Even yard sales may offer some items like walkers or wheelchairs at a deeply discounted price. Consider the source when you decide to purchase something and make sure that it's coming from a reputable seller. There are places that specialize in selling refurbished medical equipment that come with a warranty. This is your best option, particularly if it's a high dollar item like a motorized wheelchair.

Check For Quality

Take a closer look at the used medical equipment you plan to purchase. Are there any loose hinges or missing screws? Check to be sure that walkers and canes have intact supporting rubber grips at the bottom feet to help prevent falls. Keep an eye out for hinges on walkers to make sure all screws are still present and tightly screwed in. Wheelchairs should run smoothly and tires should be in excellent condition. It's normal for this type of equipment to show some wear and tear, but if anything looks to be unstable or broken you should avoid purchasing it. Ask the seller if you can try the equipment out first so you can be sure it will provide a solid foundation for standing and walking. Ask about the option of returns if you're concerned that the equipment may not work for your needs. Many private sellers offer final sale only and you'll be left footing the bill for something you're unable to use.

Make Sure Your Needs Are Met

Check anything you plan to use to be sure that it's the correct size and height. For example, a cane or walker may be too short for the patient who needs it so make sure they're tall enough for the patient before you purchase. Wheelchairs need to be able to comfortably seat the user, so it could be a good idea to bring the person who needs the equipment with you so they can test it out before you buy. You should also ensure that the wheelchair's motor is operating properly if you're looking for an electric model. When it comes to motorized items like wheelchairs, be sure the model you're interested in is newer and still in production so you can purchase replacement parts or batteries easily. You want to be sure all of your medical needs are being met before you decide on a final purchase. Used medical equipment (such as that from Wishing Well Medical Supply) can be a great way to save some money and provide you with the help you or a loved one need to get around safely.