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Lasting Weight Loss

Suspect Your Teen Has A Drinking Problem? 4 Stash Places You Might Not Have Checked

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A teenager's bedroom is their haven away from the world, despite its messiness. However, your teen's room may be holding the clue to their strange behaviors. While you have probably already checked to see if you could smell alcohol on their breath or bottles in their backpack, you might be missing some of the other signs that your child is struggling with addiction. As you conduct your room sweep, be sure to check these hiding places that you might have missed the first time around.

Personal Hygiene Containers

In almost every teen's room there exists an array of personal hygiene products designed to make them feel their best and attract the opposite sex. However, those containers can also easily be cleaned out and filled with your teen's alcoholic beverage of choice. Spend a few minutes checking them out. If the liquids inside smell or taste like alcohol, then your teen may have a drinking problem.

Water Bottles and Fast Food Cups

Sometimes, teens depend upon the yuck factor to protect their stash. They know the last thing you want to do is open up a moldy cup. Your teen's old water bottles could easily contain clear liquors such as vodka, and Styrofoam fast food cups can hide almost any type of drink. You should be suspicious about any water bottles that fizz upon shaking, and any cups that rarely move could be holding your teen's stash.

Stuffed Animals

That childhood teddy bear that you think is so adorable when your teen takes it to slumber parties may not be totally innocent. Unfortunately, things like stuffed animals and pillows can be hollowed out so that liquor bottles can be stored inside. The good thing is that it only takes a quick check and a squeeze to make sure that stuffed animal is completely harmless.

Toilet Tanks

Yep, your teen who is squeamish about cleaning the toilet will actually go to extreme lengths to hide their drinking problem. Since they know almost no one ever goes in the tank, they may have placed a liquor bottle inside. Make sure to check the tanks of every toilet in the house, and look inside the air vents while you are at it, too.

Doing a little detective work may make you feel like a paranoid parent who is invading their teen's privacy. However, stashing alcohol is a sure sign that your child is in need of an alcohol detox program. Since addiction is always easier to treat the earlier it is caught, your sleuthing efforts can make a difference in your child's recovery.