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Lasting Weight Loss

Turn Back The Clock: Ingredients You Should Look For In Anti-Aging Creams

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Making your skin look and feel younger is a very appealing thought for most people past the first blush of youth, so it's no surprise that there are countless anti-aging creams on the market nowadays. But the sheer amount of different creams can be super intimidating to you, especially if you're not quite sure what ingredients you should be looking for on the back of the packaging. So if you're wondering exactly what ingredients to look for when purchasing your anti-aging products in the beauty aisle, then here are a few you should know about.


You might not be able to pronounce it at first glance, but you should definitely look for hydroquinone on the ingredient list of whatever anti-aging product you're looking at. Hydroquinone is basically a skin-lightener, which is great news if you've found dark spots or age spots popping up on your skin recently. Apply it directly on the spots you want lightened, making sure to use it twice a day – when you wake up and before you go to sleep – for best results.


Ingredients like idebenone, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A are always good signs in anti-aging treatments, since they contain important antioxidants that help to touch up your skin and prevent any further damage from occurring. Antioxidants would be useful alone in their ability to turn free radicals (agents that can damage your skin after exposure to UV radiation) into harmless compounds, but if you add in that they can help to boost your collagen production (which makes your skin bouncier and less likely to wrinkle) and fade away any dark spots that you've accumulated over the years, it's easy to see why you'll want to find a cream with them in it.


Pretty much the Holy Grail of anti-aging ingredients, retinol also happens to be the most finicky to work with. Retinol helps to get rid of everything from fine lines to wrinkles to sunspots and everything in between, but can irritate more sensitive skin and should be put on freshly washed (though completely dry) skin, so that your pores absorb it better. This ingredient works best in the dark, so try to find a night cream (sold in an opaque container, as retinol degrades in light) and wait for the tingle that comes with application – it's not a sign of allergy, it's a sign that the retinol is strong enough to make a difference to your skin.

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