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Lasting Weight Loss

Decay Away: 6 Ways To Prevent Dental Cavities From Getting Worse

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Cavities form on the teeth, beginning as small holes that begin to enlarge as tooth enamel is eaten by bacteria and acids. As enamel fades away, your tooth will continue to decay. Without proper treatment, you may experience intense pain as the decay begins to hit your nerves. If you are not able to get to the dentist right away for a filling, you surely want to keep your cavity from getting worse. By taking these steps, you may be able to prevent worsening of your dental issues.

1. Brush your teeth carefully.

With proper brushing, you prevent cavities from forming to begin with. If you can stop the buildup of food and other debris in the teeth, you prevent the stimulation and growth of bacteria that will worsen existing cavities. Make sure you use soft bristles and brush twice a day.

2. Use fluoride toothpaste.

Fluoride is great for your teeth, and it prevents bacteria from growing quickly and spreading throughout your mouth. Additionally, fluoride strengthens your teeth and makes them more resistant to cavities. With proper fluoride treatment, you may even be able to reverse some damage caused by tooth decay.

3. Drink plenty of water.

A dry mouth leads to tooth decay much faster than a hydrated one. If you notice that your mouth is frequently dry, you may wish to speak with your doctor about medical conditions or medications that could be causing this.

4. Chew sugar-free gum.

Gum that contains xylitol may be able to prevent bacterial infection in your mouth. Additionally, this gum may be capable of killing bacteria that would otherwise worsen your cavities. Though sugar-free gum may not prevent dental issues, it may certainly slow them down until you can seek treatment.

5. Stay away from refined sugars.

Cavities are commonly worsened when you eat refined sugars, which are fuel for bacteria. Brush soon after eating any sugar. It is also helpful to floss regularly after meals to prevent food from building up and creating plaque in those hard-to-reach areas.

6. Don't forget about your regular dental cleanings.

During these cleanings, your dentist will give you advice for how to proceed with your dental health. He or she may offer lifestyle changes you can make to prevent the spread of cavities.

If you do find yourself in intense pain caused by a cavity, seek the assistance of an emergency dentist. You do not have to suffer as cavities take hold.