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Lasting Weight Loss

Three Routinely Asked Questions About Sports Injury Physical Therapy

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Encouraging your child to play sports can be an excellent way to teach them a number of valuable life lessons while helping them to grow to be as healthy and physically fit as possible. Unfortunately, it is a reality that injuries can occur during sporting events, and, when these injuries arise, it may be necessary to undergo physical therapy to fully recover. To help you be better prepared to help your child through these sessions, you might need to learn some answers to fairly routine questions about this type of therapy.

Will the School Pay for the Physical Therapy Sessions?

Medical care can be remarkably expensive, and, not surprisingly, many parents may be concerned about paying for their child's sports injury physical therapy. Sadly, most schools will not pay for this type of care, and you are required to sign a waiver to participate in the sport. However, you were likely required to purchase an insurance policy or show proof of insurance for your child to participate in the sport, and these policies may be used to pay for this type of care.

What Should Your Child Expect from Their Physical Therapy Sessions?

It can be common for children to feel somewhat stressed about the prospect of attending physical therapy because they may not know what to expect. Fortunately, this is not like most trips to the doctor in the sense that your child will be physically active during much of these sessions. The goal of this therapy is to help the muscles, ligaments, and tendons heal and recover their strength. To accomplish this, your child will need to perform a number of exercises and stretches that will gradually rebuild the strength and flexibility of the injured muscles. Typically, these sessions will be an hour or two long, and several sessions may be scheduled in a week.

Will It Be Necessary to Miss the Entire Season?

Not surprisingly, many children will want to recover from their injuries as quickly as possible so that they can return to their sport. However, the amount of time needed to recover can vary greatly according to the child's individual ability to recover, the severity of the injury, as well as their diligence in following any home-based exercises and attending therapy sessions. In addition to slowing the recovery time, failing to be diligent with these recovery steps can substantially increase the risk of experiencing another injury as the muscles may not fully recover.

For more information about the physical therapy your child might need to recover from a sports injury, talk to a provider like Advanced Physical Therapy.