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Lasting Weight Loss

What Happens When You Break Your Finger?

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Many people think that breaking a finger isn't all that big a deal. The fact is that it can be a fairly big deal. Even a minor break can mean that you spend six weeks in a splint which immobilizes your finger. A more severe break may mean that you have to have surgery in order to make sure that the bone heals correctly. So, if you think that you have broken your finger, find out what happens next. 


Whether you go to the ER or an urgent care office, the doctor where you go is going to have x-rays taken. Even extremely obviously broken finger needs to be x-rayed. That's because the doctor needs to know the full extent of the damage. If you have a small break in the bone that causes a little chip over the knuckle that doesn't need to be set, the doctor will need to have the x-ray to confirm their suspicion. If you have a finger that bends in a way that no finger should bend, the doctor will need the x-ray to see what they need to do next. 


Reduction is the formal name for setting your finger. Once the doctor has x-rayed your finger, they will know what kind of reduction they will need to do. Generally, they are going to make sure that your finger is straight and all the bone ends meet up the way that they should so that they can heal correctly. 


Once your finger has been set, it's time to splint it. Many times, when a finger gets broken, it's not really practical to cast the whole hand. Instead, the doctor will splint your finger. The splint is generally a piece of metal with some foam on it which the doctor will bend to fit your finger. Then your finger gets taped to the splint. The finger next to the broken finger may also be involved in splinting in order to give your finger more support. 

Orthopedic Doctor

The ER or urgent care doctor should refer you to an orthopedic doctor that specializes in hands. If the finger is severely broken, or more than one finger is broken, the ER doctor may call for an ortho consult to get an opinion on your hand immediately, because you may need to have surgery in order to make sure that it gets set correctly. If it's a minor break, it may be a few days before you see the ortho doctor at a clinic like Town Center Orthopaedic Associates, P.C.

Breaking a finger can be very painful. Getting it fixed can take some time.