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Lasting Weight Loss

Tips For Dealing With A Colicky Newborn

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If your newborn has developed a case of colic, then you may be struggling to retain your sanity with all of the crying and fussing. The bad news is that colic is not a disease that can be treated. It really is a term to describe behavior that is associated with crying that lasts three hours or more at a time, that occurs three or more days in a given week, and that continues for close to a month. If your child has developed colic, there are some things that you can do to soothe your infant:

Burp Effectively

Babies that are colicky will sometimes develop the problem due to digestion and intestinal issues. Typically, pain and discomfort will develop in the abdominal region and will pass eventually. However, the problem can worsen if gas builds. Not only can this cause bloating issues, but it can place a great deal of stress on the already stressed digestive system. 

You can minimize discomfort by making sure that you burp your child after every feeding. If your child seems to fall asleep during feedings, then you may be tempted to let him or her rest. If you wake your child, offer a pacifier immediately afterward. This can create the same comfort as the bottle and your child should drift back asleep. Make sure to opt for a smaller newborn pacifier. There are a wide variety of silicone varieties available. 

Also, invest in some gas relief drops. These drops are typically safe to provide multiple times a day, but ask your pediatrician if they are right for your child first. 

Move With Your Child

Colic will not last forever, and it will typically subside after three or four months. Unfortunately, you have to make it to the three-month mark, and this can be extremely exhausting. Comforting your child can help to reduce fussiness and many babies like to be constantly moving. In fact, they may only stop crying if you are holding and rocking them. It is obviously not feasible to rock your child every day, so think about some other ways to ensure that your baby is constantly rocking or moving.

Baby swings are a good choice, but make sure to swaddle your child before placing them in the swing. This way they will feel comforted like you are holding them. Car rides are a good choice as well. Some babies will wake up and cry as soon as a vehicle stops moving. The trick is to continue driving for about 10 or 15 minutes after your child falls asleep. They will fall into a deeper sleep and you will then have a better chance of getting the car seat out of the car without waking your child.

Contact a medical clinic like Willow Oak Pediatrics for more information and assistance.