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Lasting Weight Loss

3 Hemmorrhoid Myths, Debunked

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Some people avoid discussing certain medical treatments for various reasons. You may not want to discuss your personal business or you just do not want others to know of embarrassing issues you are experiencing. Hemorrhoids are one issue that most people do not want to talk about, but proper understanding of these swollen veins in and around the anus should be understand due to their discomfort. This guide will help you understand hemorrhoids by understanding the truth behind a few common myths.

Hemorrhoids Are Rare

One of the most common myths people believe is that hemorrhoids are rare. In reality, they are actually quite common.

While shocking to learn, an estimated 10 million Americans suffer from hemorrhoids each year. Therefore, if you have hemorrhoids, you should not feel ashamed or embarrassed because you are not alone.

Hemorrhoids Affect Older People Only

Another myth people believe is that older people develop hemorrhoids only. Again, this is a myth that can be very frustrating especially if you are a younger person who has developed hemorrhoids.

Of course, it is true that older people get hemorrhoids mainly because the tissue in and around the anus weakens and thins out as a person ages. However, these swollen, painful veins can affect people of all ages.

 Anyone, no matter their age, that experiences some sort of pressure on the rectum, can develop hemorrhoids. If you have recently given birth, you are likely to develop hemorrhoids. Also, if you suffer from constipation that causes you to strain the rectum and surrounding tissue, you may develop hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids Are Treated by Creams

If you visit your local drug or discount store, you will see a variety of creams that are meant to treat hemorrhoids. These creams are effective for easing the swelling and numbing some of the pain associated with hemorrhoids, but they are not effective for treating the actual issue.

In addition, if you have an internal hemorrhoid, which is a swollen, inflamed vein inside your actual anus, the creams will not be effective at all. Severe external or internal types will require a more involved hemorrhoid treatment.

Fortunately, there are different surgical procedures available, so finding an option suited to your specific needs should be easy. Your doctor may recommend a complete excision of the hemorrhoids or a banding procedure, which involves placing a band around the hemorrhoid to cut off circulation. This ensures the hemorrhoid will decrease in size, eventually withering away and not causing you any further discomfort.