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Lasting Weight Loss

Speech Therapy Can Help Your Child

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For many parents, speech therapy is not a consideration until they realize their child is experiencing some difficulties speaking. For most, speech therapy is not even on the radar until a pediatrician recommends therapeutic sessions.

Are you thinking about bringing your child to a speech-language pathologist for speech therapy? These are some of the questions you may have about the process.

What Kinds of Speech Disorders Benefit From Speech Therapy?

Speech disorders encompass a variety of issues, but the good news is that many children with these conditions benefit from speech therapy. In fact, some people come in when they are older or adults and benefit from regular sessions as well.

It is common for children to have difficulty processing language or putting words together. Children may have a limited vocabulary or struggle to communicate their ideas. Children may also go to speech therapy if they struggle with eating, drinking, swallowing, or gagging.

How can you tell if your child might benefit from speech therapy? You might call a speech therapist if your child has cognitive delays, hearing impairments, a hoarse voice, or a birth defect like a cleft palate. Consider therapy if your child has motor issues, a fluency disorder, or a traumatic brain injury as well.

What Activities Help With Speech Therapy?

There are many ways in which speech therapy can help a child. Language intervention comes in many different forms. For children, intervention involves playing, looking at books, talking about pictures, and more. The therapist works by modeling the proper words and grammar, often asking the child to repeat things.

For some children, feeding and swallowing are part of the problem. In these cases, children benefit from facial massage, jaw exercises, lip exercises, and more. The goal is to strengthen the muscles in and surrounding the mouth.

Should You Schedule an Appointment With a Speech Therapist?

Therapy works best when you schedule an appointment early on. Children who begin therapy early on are more likely to have better outcomes with therapy, though older children also benefit. No matter your child's age, speech therapy can be a great option. Even adults benefit from these sessions.

If you are in doubt, you should speak with a professional. A speech therapist will help you determine what kind of sessions are right for you. Treatment is available for many speech disorders and disorders of the mouth and throat. Contact a facility like Speech Language and Hearing Associates to learn more.