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Lasting Weight Loss

What Your Sports Medicine Doctor Wants You to Know About Sprains and Breaks

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Both sprains and breaks are very painful. Whether you are an athlete or not, the pain can be very difficult to contend with. All of this can make for a very hard recovery, even if you only have a sprain rather than a break. This is especially the case if you are still trying to train or compete when you have symptoms of an injury.

Athletes commonly experience sprains, and they can also impact your ability to play or compete. These are some of the things your sports medicine doctor wants you to know about each type of injury.

What Exactly Is a Sprain?

A sprain occurs when you damage a ligament. Ligaments are meant to stretch, but they have their limits. Stretching or tearing a ligament can lead to a serious sprain.

Sprains might make a sound when they happen, and it usually comes with a lot of pain right away. This is followed by swelling and some tenderness in the area. You can often tell you are dealing with a sprain because in spite of all the pain, the body part appears to be in alignment.

What Is a Break?

A break or fracture occurs when a bone actually breaks or splits apart in some away. You can often spot a break right away.

You can often tell you are dealing with a break because you hear a crack and then notice swelling and possibly even numbness. The pain should be present right above the bone, and you may notice that the body part doesn't align correctly.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

Treatment is different for sprains and breaks. For instance, sprains typically require some pain medication, rest, ice, and possibly compression. In some cases, surgery is required, but this is not as common. As an athlete, you may notice your performance affected by a sprain.

For a break, you need to seek medical attention right away. You may need to wear a cast and have the bone set, which means your time away from sports can be more dramatic.

What Should You Do?

If you have experienced a sprain or break as an athlete, you need to get medical treatment. A sports medicine doctor can help you with initial treatment as well as help you get back on track for recovery and competing again in the future. Talk to your sports medicine doctor to learn more about your treatment plan.