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Lasting Weight Loss

Using Sclerotherapy To Treat Your Varicose Veins

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Varicose veins are a problem that many people will experience, but they may not be aware of their treatment options. This can lead to situations where individuals may allow their varicose veins to go untreated. Sclerotherapy is one of the more popular and effective treatments for these veins, but patients will often lack the information needed to assess if this is a good option for them.

Myth: Sclerotherapy Will Require Surgery

Individuals that have varicose veins that they are wanting to be removed will often assume that surgery will always be required. However, sclerotherapy is an option that can allow patients to have their varicose veins treated while avoiding the need for painful or disruptive surgery. This procedure will involve injecting the veins with a medication that will cause the varicose vein to collapse. Once this has occurred, the patient's body will be able to start breaking down the varicose vein so that it will eventually completely disappear.

Myth: Sclerotherapy Is Not A Permanent Procedure

Due to the fact that this treatment will involve an injection rather than a surgical procedure, individuals may assume that the benefits of it will be fairly minor. For example, they may assume that they will need to have this treatment done every couple of years in order to continue to enjoy its benefits. However, this is not the case as this treatment will involve a complete breakdown of the vein so that it will no longer be able to cause the patient problems. While this treatment can be extremely effective on varicose veins that you have already developed, it will not prevent new varicose veins from forming elsewhere.

Myth: Sclerotherapy Will Involve A Great Deal Of Discomfort

An assumption that people may make about treating their varicose veins is that it will be impossible to address this problem without experiencing significant discomfort. In particular, these individuals may think that the injection that they receive during sclerotherapy will be extremely painful. In reality, this procedure will cause minimal discomfort to the patient, and it should have little to no recovery time for them. During the process of the varicose vein collapsing and being broken down by the body, it may be slightly tender, but this discomfort will typically be highly localized and very minor. It should have little to no impact on your ability to perform your normal routine or engage in your favorite activities. This benefit alone can make this an ideal option for those wanting a minimally invasive treatment for their varicose veins.